Snickerdoodle Screw-Up

From snowy Denver, Colorado, family friends of our’s came over for a visit to sunny California. During their week here, they decided to tour around and go to Legoland. Coming back knowing I like to bake and cook, they gave me a Lego Rolling Cooking Cutter. Because of this, I decided to bake them my favorite cookie for the first time… Snickerdoodles! At first I rolled the dough out and imprinted rows of legos. When it was time to cut the legos out, I found it was difficult to have it uniform size and have a lego on each cookie without making it melt and get all sticky. I then decided to just make it in balls, and just roll the cookie cutter over it. This was the day of their leaving back to Denver, so I was in such a rush, that¬† I did not have time to use a cookie scooper to make each cookie uniform size. Right out of the oven, I saw that the cookies were pretty big, it grew so much that some of the cookies collided with each other. The taste was exactly like a plain ole’ sugar cookie; I did not taste much of the cinnamon. Texture was actually the way I wanted it; firm and cake-like. There was many goods and bads, but at the end I realize this was just one of those dry-runs, and there’s always a way to improve this “real tough cookie”.


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