Happy Father’s Day!!!

My Father’s Day was the best! I spent it at my grandparents house, with my loving family as well as my cousins and their family. I decided to make a D-A-D cake which I got in I tweaked so that I made it my version all by scratch. Instead of making it a chocolate cake a made it a plain vanilla cake.  Since the website’s batter was too small to fit the father’s huge appetites and the other guests’, I had to double it. Instead of chocolate icing I replaced it with homemade vanilla whip cream, and I made it a bit more healthy by adding assorted fruits and slivered almonds. Every one enjoyed the cake, especially the event, where the whole family gets together and celebrates our loving father, or to me fathers. This picture is with my dad (left), grandpa (right), and I (middle) holding the cake.

dad-cake-sm.jpg   fathers-day-cake-sm.jpg

Hope all you fathers enjoyed your special day, Happy Father’s Day!!!

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